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Solar Inverters

Delta provides highly efficient and reliable PV inverters. Applications range from the rooftops of residential, commercial, and industrial buildings to megawatt utility-scale solar power stations.
Solvia TL 20 / TL 15
Delta provides wide range 15kw/20kw 3-phase solar inverter and compliant with UL 1741 and NEC 2011 Integrated AFCI Delta 3-phase solar inverter is suitable for 600v and 1000v application with high CEC efficiency 98% in the market.
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Solivia Series 3.0 – 7.6kW
SOLIVIA inverters offer exciting and innovative features that make installation easier. Not only are the inverters lightweight and compact, they also come with built-in handles and a convenient mounting plate that allows for simple one-person installation. The wiring box is cleanly laid out and all terminals are easy to find and well spaced.

Compared to transformer-based inverters from competitors, SOLIVIA inverters deliver the maximum efficiency over a much wider power range. The SOLIVIA inverters have an intelligent MPP tracking that extracts maximum performance from solar panels under all operating conditions. Full power up to 122 °F / 50 °C ensures maximum yield in warmer climates.
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Solivia Rapid Shutdown Device
Delta's Rapid Shutdown Devices provide an automatic disconnect of 600VDC residential or small commercial PV array system, fully compliant with the Rapid Shutdown requirements of NEC 2014 article 690.12. It is compatible with Delta's single-phase residential inverters.
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PV Inverter Commercial Series / M125HV

Delta M125HV has excellent power efficiency to reach 99.2% peak and 99.0% CEC over converting PV energy. It features all-in-one design to integrate string fuses, surge protection devices and DC switch in one unit body. Thanks for electrolytic capacitor free design and IP 65 protection, the M125HV is the most reliable and durable inverter than ever.
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PV Inverter Commercial Series / M250HV

Delta M250HV is able to reach >99.0% peak efficiency, 98.8% CEC-efficiency over converting PV energy, and its 12 MPPT design with ultra-wide MPP voltage range (820~1350V) can maximize customer’s revenue.
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M4-TL-US | M5-TL-US | M6-TL-US | M8-TL-US | M10-TL-US
Delta's new generation single phase solar inverter M Series with UL certification and HECO, CA Rule 21 compliance, are creative and innovative single phase inverters with an impressive MPPT operating range for the market. Maximum power production is derived from an extremely wide input range (50~550Vdc), low start-up voltage 30v, light weight 43 lbs (19.5kg) for 10kW and up to 98.0% peak efficiency. Thanks to 3 MPP trackers design, the Delta M Series inverter can generate more power from solar and is more flexible for various scales of PV systems and applications. NEMA 4X rating provides excellent protection.

In addition, the M Series is also equipped with RGM (Revenue Grade Meter) with ANSI C12.20 (0.5% Accuracy) and BLE 4.0, with Zigbee/WiFI/Cellular communication. The Delta M Series is establishing an outstanding industry performance standard and leading the way in technology for residential PV systems.
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M42U / M36U
Delta’s grid-tied, three-phase, transformerless inverters range from 36kW to the industry’s first 80kW inverter, offering unequalled design flexibility for your Commercial. Industrial and Utility-Scale installations. Delta’s M36U and M42U inverters help you optimize every site.

With 98.6% peak efficiency, a rugged enclosure, and proven reliability, the M36U and M42U are ideal on their own or paired with Delta’s large-scale solar PV building blocks: the M80U and M60U.
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M80U / M60U
Delta’s M80U is the industry’s only 80kW inverter with an optimal cost and performance profile and the highest power density available in a string inverter. Along with the M60U, Delta’s largest string inverters provide unbeaten performance and the industry’s lowest Levelized Cost of Energy (LCOE), making them optimal building blocks for Commercial, Industrial and Utility-Scale installations.

With best-in-class efficiency, a rugged enclosure, and proven reliability, the M80U and M60U provide higher returns for your project. Designed, engineered and manufactured by Delta, you can depend on Delta’s best-in-class engineering and quality manufacturing.

The grid-tied, three-phase, transformerless inverters are designed for ease of installation fast commissioning, efficient servicing, and higher uptime.
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Our Success Practices

Largest 2-MW Solar Grid-connected Floating System in India

Delta has supplied two 1-MW DelCEN1000 central inverter to India’s largest floating solar system. Built on Mudasarlova Lake, this system covers approximately 4.5 acres of the 15-acre lake, and can generate over 3 million units of power annually. This reduced CO₂ emissions by about 28,000 tons, which is equivalent to burning 1450 tons of coal.
Our Success Practices

75-kW Solar Farm Covering 160 Hectares in Denmark

Delta has provided 1508 RPI M50A Solar Inverters to a solar farm that covers 160 hectares and can generate 75-kW of power, meeting the electricity demand of 32,000 families yearly.

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